Ellis Vanghoul is the trade mark name to watch here; all the 600 drum sounds are accrued to this talented composer. All on a WAV platform, this matchless selection of drum effects give Electro music a good name.
For a straightforward application of the sounds, the drum electro package is organized in 8 folders each bearing its own mark of excellence. If you bear the name drum kick lover, 50 new ways of using drums in your music are provided. But some of us like heavier and crazier drum sounds to dominate the background of our music; for this reason 50 powered drum kicks are included to satisfy the crave.

Drum Electro is what makes the new age electro sound worth listening. And why is that? This package has a huge collection of electro punk perk sounds to achieve that goal. You cannot fail to marvel at the gracefulness of the 50 liquid hihats or the 100 collection of neo snares for the evolved and advanced electro sound.
Power in sounds was the main objective here; drum kicks had another level of energy to them and so are the snares. Drum electro besides giving you a taste of neo snares also upgrades the user to more powered snares with 50 options to try. Basses and leads fads have some delight too with the 100 synth sounds generated in the package just to suit them.

The buy one get one free idea is a good way of marketing, so this drum sounds collection has a bonus of 1,2,3. 99 bonus FX sounds! Who wouldn't settle for that? VIPZONE SAMPLES even goes a step further and offers you some demo files absolutely free!
What more can Electro lovers or punk listeners wish for? The Drum Electro collection completes all your drum sound needs to create bumping tracks within a blink. Drum electro is for the Dj who wants to be a club favorite or the music producer who wants to go platinum in sales. The key to this kind of success is confined in a small attractive package of wav sounds that retails at the friendliest price possible.

600 top-notch Electro drum sounds in WAV Format
50 drum kicks - 50 powered drum kicks - 100 elektro punk perk - 50 liquid hi hats - 100 neo snares
50 powered snares - 100 synth sounds - 99 bonus fx sounds
Electro Drum Sounds - WAV