Commercial Electro Vol. 1 is set to make a blast out of the latest club and dance tunes. VIPZONE SAMPLES has introduced yet another unique and special product. With this pack you can coin melodies from hooks to create sounds of utter bliss.

The 1st Volume brings together over 120Mb contents of Commercial Electro containing 30 Midis for wholesome musical enjoyment and hooklines that will make you yearn for more and more. VIPZONE SAMPLES has proved again with this quality product their ability to meet both quality and quantity on equal terms. They have great talent in mixing a variety of hooklines and hooks and now club music lovers and producers can have a ball of time with this new volume.

The Midi files are all accompanied with WAV files making it extra easy to create pumping melodies that will make every feel like grooving along. The product ensures good quality sorted within every sound, therefore the procedure of having each hook and hookline incorporated into WAV format gives you a better bargain. Let’s see what comes in the pack. To provide maximum harmonization of your tracks the volume have both side chained 128 BPM as well as None Side chained files.

When you purchase this pack you can have the option of creating hard and crunchy plucks on both Electro and House with 30 midi files and they are guaranteed to come alive with all the deep pulsating bass lines. And you also get to enjoy their bonus treat of 27 FX loops and 20 FX vocals. The pack contents also include Electro House WAV loops in normal version and side chain version.

The assortment of great melodies is sure to guarantee a lucrative deal for you with any record label. You can mix and change melodies to fit in to your style. VIPZONE SAMPLES gives you the freedom to do this with their royalty free arrangements that is applicable for all the hooks and hooklines. On your path to commercial recognition you won’t need any additional licenses.

So don’t hesitate more to make your purchase on this bargain deal. You can easily analyze all the midi files to produce a range of seasoned midi hooks that will keep everyone tapping their toes to your amazing tracks.

Commercial Electro and House | Midi and WAV Files | Melodies, Hooks and Hooklines | Royalty Free | Bonus FX and Vocal Samples