The electro synths package can be defined as the seasoning for electro sounds once they have been produced and need an added touch of creativity. The new sound of Electro has succeeded in taking club music by storm; so with a little sprinkling of synths from this package you have no idea how astronomical the success in electro sound production will be.

VIPZONE SAMPLES compiles the synths in this pack into wav and midi files perfect for synth-sequences for all electro tracks. The synths are organized in 47 midi files and 114 Electro synths in wav format. All the synth-sequences are recorded in varying versions to create unique sound in each loop when used in electro sounds.

Electro synths pack is a collection of electrifying midi and wav files perfect for that producer who wants quality synth-sequences in every track they produce. The electro synth package has a 265 MB collection of loops to ensure you enjoy this benefit. The wav files make sure you get eminence in every track you produce. The midi format gives you a chance of posting your production online for the world to judge your prowess.

Anyone who purchases the electro synths product is approved a non-exclusive license which allows them to use the wav and midi files absolutely royalty free. Every electro producer out there stands a chance to use the electro synths for commercial productions.

VIPZONE SAMPLES offers you a chance to go professional with your electro sounds. All the loops and synths in the collection give quality and are contained in a wide variety of loops for multiple possibilities in production. You don’t have to worry about quality, wav technology has you sorted. Electro synths pack gives you an upper hand in producing out of this world riffs that set you ahead of the game.

This unique loop sound pack offers you a chance of gracing your Electro tracks with hooks, leads and synths that will give it a little something...

Electro Synths - WAV and MIDI
47 Electro synth midi files and 114 Electro synth wav files
The perfect tool if you are looking for synth-sequences for your Electro tracks
Loop Tempo of Electro Samples: 129 BPM