If you are stuck in a rut in your music compositions and looking for inspiration for creating original music that will make your listeners sit up and take notice of you, your perfect solution has come from the house of VIPZONE in their Electro basses Multisamples pack. The latest collection from VIPZONE caters for those who can benefit from original and versatile tracks that are solely aimed to expand and explode their musical making talents. 

With the electro basses multisamples producers have the freedom of creating their music to their hearts content by setting melodies and sequences that can be played on any instrument. You can safely put aside your worries about creating a melody out of tune with the backing of these multisamples which have separate Wav files for each key given within a minimum of five octaves.

The multisamples pack comes to you with 82 low multisamples, electro house, electro, and many other electronic genres. The electro basses multisampels are your perfect choice for creating music with flexibility of any manner.
This is a product complete with the most modern electro basses allowing you the flexibility in creating quality and satisfactory lines with the proper sequences and melodies. If you love working with software synthesizers this is a great product for you as only with a product of Electro basses multisamples caliber you will get the desired sounds that cannot even be derived from the top quality plug ins. Formatted to SF2 multisamples this pack will help you in creating music to mesmerize your listeners with its fresh and unique beats.

For crystal clear clarity in your electro, house or any other electronic genre music the multisamples products a must have in your music arsenal since with its best assimilation of music and tracks VIPZONE has given you an iron clad guarantee of producing heart thumping music to make your audience moving with the exhilarating rhythms and the beats. If you are ready to start climbing the chartbusters now is your chance. Grab your collection of Electro basses multisamples today and start cracking bouncing beats unmatched and unproduced by any other.

82 Electro Bass Multisamples - Top Electro Basses - SF2 Format and WAV bonus files
Electro Basses in SF2 Multisamples and WAV Format for the perfect Electro Bass feeling