These are wav tools built to serve as sound effects in music production. They are the right sounds a Dj or producer would need to introduce tracks, set the music tone and conclude it with style. VIPZONE SAMPLES have managed to bring together a collection of FX sound effects to give variety during production. For instance, the pack has 91 FX's of ambient sounds that will work well with the smooth tracks or the fade in and fade outs that contribute to the relaxed mood of a track. Any Dj who truly has a skill in mixing will appreciate the transitional ability of the scratch sound effects; of how you can switch from one song to another without spoiling the party mood.

More effects contained in this exciting collection are the Shots and the Short FX (a new wave of sound effects guaranteed to cause the wow effect on music lovers). For the Trance lovers, this one of a kind collection has them in the spot light too; a new sound effect called Trance comes with 273 ways of making Trance music livelier than before. For more fun with production, VIPZONE SAMPLES adds a clean 100 wav loops as bonuses to the already existing collection. If we sum up, the FX collection vol. 1 presents 1013 FX sound effects to its adored fans to experiment with; alongside 100 bonus loops.

Once more, the question of fake vs. real can't be used on the VIPZONE wav products. FX collection being one of them, it is a 100% guarantee that this package will not disappoint. You can comfortably use them on a variety of music genres without the worry of not meeting the mark in quality. VIPZONE customizes and tailors these amazing sound effects to be used in sound genres like trance, techno, house, rave, hands up, electro, ambient, break beat and many more. Any avid Dj can even try the new sounds with the modern day tracks like rap and RnB. It only takes the magnificent compilation of VIPZONE blended with the great skill and creativity of a professional Dj to make things happen!

This FX Collection contains over 1000 high quality WAV files with miscelanous sound effects for using in sound productions of trance, techno, house, breakbeat, rave, electro, ambient and more.


Pack Content: Ambient - 91, Fade In - 59, Fade out - 82, Noise - 42, Reverse - 45, Scratch - 113, Short FX - 239
Shots - 69, Trance - 273, Bonus loops - 100


Together: 1013 FX + 100 bonus loops