For once in the VIPZONE SAMPLES franchise vocals are able to suit more than one genre of music. The word to watch here is hardcore; these vocals are well designed to electrify your hardstyle music. But that is not the only limit; hardcore vocals can be an additional flavor to jumpstyle music taking it from dreary pits to a higher ground of excitement. Rock it hard with the 740 sound vocals that will give your hardcore or hardstyle music the shine it deserves. All sounds are organized in 7 directories that offer a 447 megabytes capacity of transforming jumpstyle music to an out of this world genre.

Simplicity speaks for itself; the seven folder directories make it easy to jazz up your hardcore tracks without twitching a muscle. Get yourself the opportunity of electrifying your tracks with Backverbs or make the club go bananas with FX vocs in your hardstyle system. Don't leave out the jumpstylerz; make their night worth the money spent by introducing some grain vocs or Numbers with what they love most. When the crowd reaches some levels of wild, complete the excitement by adding some vocals from the One word and Two words folder. VIPZONE knew the complexities that come with the production of hardcore and hardstyle music; you just have to get it right, so this fresh from the box pack has everything carefully laid out for easy spotting and usage. Simply put, Hardcore vocals is not rocket science. Wav technology is added in saving the files to give quality to your sound.

Be the first hardstyle or jumpstyle producer to give a worthwhile review to other colleague producers out there. Buy this pack and spread the hardcore love to all the fans and producers. But don't forget the jumpstylerz too. Hardcore Vocals is sold royalty free to everyone just like all other VIPZONE SAMPLES products. You can get this pack and an additional one which you can use to blend the hardcore vocals and other hooks and loops for a more mature sound. It only takes a few bucks to get you this exclusive pack. Meanwhile you can treat yourself to the quality demo offered on download just before the hardcore gift pack arrives.

Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle Vocals in WAV format.
Pack contains over 700 vocal sounds for hardcore, hardstyle and jumpstyle tracks.
Pack Content: 747 sounds in 7 directories (447 megabytes).