Eeriness in music has been made popular since the coming of hard rock music; to be specific metal. VIPZONE SAMPLES now has a collection of sound effects that will sound spooky in the real world but cool where they enter the musical realm. Hardstyle FX is a new collection from VIPZONE holding a total of 1167 WAV sound effects that can blend in with any sound genre and still maintain quality. The hardstyle FX samples are specially designed for those who love it dark. The sound effects will do the magic in gabber, jumpstyle, hardstyle name it. Any dark style you can think of this Wav file collection has an FX to offer. But the limits aren't set on dark alone; Hardstyle FX comfortably accommodates techno music as well.

Sound effects are meant to give some life and flavor to music, so that's what this collection capitalizes on. When we empty the pack content, dark lovers are treated to an assorted number of FX's like Alarm sounds to get the party alerted of the musical prowess about to be witnessed. As the party mode picks, you can throw in a few dark sounds for some wild fun blended with Explosion effects to get the heart throbbing.

The 1.1 GB sized variety offers you multiple ways of adding some tinge to your music. More FX's are Techno sounds and synths, Shots, Sharp FX and high pitched scream sounds that bring more excitement than fear. You can also add some voices in between your mixes for fun; that's all there is to it, fun. These are the sound effects that fit on the Dark side as well as the Techno side. If you are a producer or Dj who likes it hard style don't miss the chance of trying out this electrifying collection. VIPZONE SAMPLES assures quality and authenticity that is worth spending the bucks on.

Sound Effects, FX, for Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Gabber, Techno in WAV format
Large collection of FX (1,1 GB = 1167 WAV files) for using in Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Gabber, Techno and other dark styles
Samples placed in several folders:
Alarms / Backgrounds
Darkness Sounds
Dusky Noises
Fade in
Fade out
Loops 144 bpm
Sharp FX
Techno Sounds
Techno Synths