VIPZONE SAMPLES has a surprise pack for all the producers with a hard rock music backbone; a collection of multisamples from this intriguing pack, Hardstyle Leads. Hardrock music has to have a different sound blend from what we are used to; sounds with clarity and can transform the lackluster mood in the clubs to ecstatic levels we have never experienced. And what better way to achieve that than with this amazing pack of hardstyle synths and lead sounds all in the SF2 format. Hardstyle leads pack puts together a collection of 32 leads all different, all unique and all better sounding to fit in any hard sounds that any serious producer can think off. The multisamples collection include 3saw lead, an ARP Control 1 and 2, the powerful back to hell sounds also 1 and 2 and the added touch of the Band pass Lead.

We are not yet done with the number of leads you can have fun with in all your hard sounds. If you are the producer who loves energy in your music, try out the High Voltage leads or the power saw lead synth. Add the shock effects of the Metal Shock 1 to 3 and watch your party crowd get electrified. And when you get things heated up with your power sounds try climaxing it with the Killer Lead sound. Let all producers know of your skill with this groundbreaking leads.

VIPZONE SAMPLES is sure to add more quality lead synths to make the pack a 32 way of professionalizing your hardstyle production prowess. Expanding on the lead variety, we get other options like Brake Tester 1+2, Dark Overdrive and Electric leads, Flute Destroyer, Low to High 1+2 and the Living android lead, if you want to pull a robotic sound in your music. But may you want to 'raise the alarm' in your hardrock music, then one lead you can work with is Emergency/Feedback. The Hardstyle Leads Multisamples pack is even prudent enough to give you some demo sounds just so you know what you are working with. The demo include the Alarm Lead 1, 3saw lead, Braketester 1 and 2, squareized sync power lead and many more. There is more to this pack than you can imagine, sample it!

Hardstyle Leads
Lead Sounds and Synths in SF2 Multisamples Format
Pack Content: 32 Hardstyle Lead Multisamples