Hardstyle Looperz pack is set to paint the hardstyle and jumpstyle platform with dominant riffs and catchy WAV loops to turn the club on fire. Avid party goers stand to be thrilled by the prolific prowess of the Dj who will give a shot to all the 765 samples contained in this attractive pack. You don't even have to do all the 765 ways to come up with catchy club tracks, VIPZONE SAMPLES organized all the tracks in 126 folders where you can select the best loops that match your track quality. All the hard work has been done for you; you don't have to wonder through a long list of loops just to pick out the most desired out of the collection. Pick a few folders, take the catchy samples and come up with your club banging tracks.

In every sample folder there are short versioned loops and added drums and basses to help you form a track in less time. All samples bear the WAV mark to step up the sound value and get rid of the vague sounds associated with poorly stored files An overall look at the pack content, all folders are categorized in three; the loops, mini kits and of course the bonus folders. For the loops, the hardstyle lover is treated to a vast collection of 101 folders with 573 files. There can never be an end to the number of tracks you can produce with this many files.

The mini kits are for that producer who likes it simple with no loop labyrinths in between. The mini kits contain 10 folders with 139 files all which can be used to come up with quick tracks by the user. Then we have the bonus tracks that are a blessing from VIPZONE SAMPLES. 12 folders with 51 files all of them giving you crazy loops to rock the hardstyle. The loop tempos are approximated at 142 BPM except for other that run at 140 BPM. The bottom line is that the tempos are sufficient enough to build electrifying tracks of your choice. All wav files in this collection are copyright and can only be used commercially on the purchase of the product.

Hardstyle Loops Samples in WAV format.
This is a collection of WAV loops, ready to use phrases and powerful riffs for Hardstyle and Jumpstyle.
Pack contains 765 files in 126 folders, 760 MB total. Loop Tempo: 142 / 140 BPM.