VIPZONE SAMPLES has been kind enough to give jumpstylerz a taste of fun in midi and wav file format. Jumpstylerz Nightmare is a compilation of top class loops and midi files fit for any jumpstyle producer to use. The pack with its simple looking form houses over 60 jumpstyle files in midi format all spanking new and ready to be sampled out. In addition to that, the pack has over 180 wav loops with lead synth patterns in them. If we do the math. We come up with 3 x 60 number of loops which have 3 differing sounds all unique. All this put together adds to a 350 MB capacity worth of jumpstyle hooks and hooklines.

Additionally, Jumpstylerz Nightmare contains a total of 60 melodious kicks also in the midi format. Jumpstyle producers can now widen their markets to include online sales of funky kicks. We don't even have to talk about quality sounds. The WAV technology takes care of that. Jumpstylerz Nightmare is offered to completely tear your audio systems down with mind blowing Jumpstyle Sounds. What is most amazing about this collection is the ability to blend the leads with hooks and hooklines from other packs to generate melodic rhythmic patterns worthy to be listened to. Jumpstylerz can be hooked with kicks from the VIPZONE SAMPLES Hardcore Essentials pack giving a blend that raises the energy among jumpstyle and hardstyle rockers.

As usual, VIPZONE SAMPLES never fails to offer demos in case they catch your interest with any of their products. The VIPZONE website offers the most authentic demos to try out in your audio systems. And one thing never fails to be accomplished in all leads, synths, kicks, hooks and hooklines from VIPZONE SAMPLES; they all wear the eminence mark which is why sample lovers can't get enough of VIPZONE`s production talent. Jumpstylers is organized in three categories for easy handling; the pack contains an audio folder which has 180 lead synth loops in wav format. A second folder named Synth midi houses over 60 lead synth patterns stored in midi files. The last folder known as Kick midi is home of the terrific kicks for those melodious sounds.

Jumpstyle Leads, Synths, Kicks, Hooks and Hooklines in MIDI and WAV format.
Collection of outstanding loops and midi files for Jumpstyle Producers!
Pack Content:
AUDIO - 180 lead synth wav loops
SYNTH MIDI - 60 lead synth midi files
KICK MIDI - 60 melodic kick midi files
Tempo of loops: 145 BPM