Good news for everyone out there! Following the first hit collection of Kate Lesing Vocals Volume 1, the much anticipated Kate Lesing Vocals Volume 2 is now ready for grabs.  Kate Lesing Vol. 1 vocals on trance and dance acapellas evokes memories of DJ Dean’s popular hit ‘If I could be you”, Central Seven’s ‘Neverland” and other famous releases.


From a girl with a glorious voice and who sings in the best productions comes a special creation in a latest professional sample pack designed to make your hearts rock. The pack has been produced with the cooperation of Michael Teuber the professional lyricist. He also sings the male vocal part in the song “planet beats ‘n’ bass”. Michael Teuber’s contribution with his impressive songwriting credits from over 200 records adds further glamour to this striking masterpiece. The pack brings to you 15 Acapella and Dance and Trance Acapella songs with a larger part done in 2 verses + refrain. So with this new pack you can enjoy creation of higher professional tracks as well as club and dance short vocal line tracks.


With her new release fans get to enjoy outstanding vocal qualities boosted with the aid of superior quality pre amplifier, microphone and processing machines. The latest techniques beautifully supplement a great collection of beautiful serenades of trance songs and themes that can even mix well with other genres of pop, rock or house.

Continuing features from the first pack are midi chords that can be put together with vocals or for the more experienced users to produce their own creations of custom chords. Both dry version minus effects and wet version including Lexicon reverb and perfectly calculated delay are included in the vocals. Once you own a Kate Lesing Vocals it can be taken direct to any record company to create your own commercial release. When they ask for a sample clearance all you need is to produce your proof of purchase.


VIPZONE SAMPLES has put together yet another amazing treat for you with Kate Lesing Vocals Volume 2. Don’t waste your time, rush out now to get your sample pack at an amazing price. Grab now the newest Kate Lesing vocals available only from VIPZONE SAMPLES.

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