This is one of VIPZONE's quality synth leads pack that has 25 multisamples built in two formats; Soundfont (SF2) and Reason (SXT). Leads 1 combines high-class samples that work with genres like Trance, Dance or Hands Up putting into consideration quality. A blend of SF2 and reason SXT brings to you a collection of Lead Synths that take you to another level as you come with quality mixes. Leads 1 multisamples are what you need to come up with quality sounds that sound professional whether in Trance, Hands up or the most loved Dance.

The Leads 1 has no limit to itself and can stretch to other genres and not compromise on quality; you can feel its energy in techno; its agility in electro-house and electro; or its prowess in club tracks with the ability to keep the party going for hours. The Multisample sounds are powerful and yet warm. What's more, the lead synths are readily editable and can be manipulated to fully customize your sounds for that electrifying wave. This is a masterpiece from VIPZONE SAMPLES and can easily snatch users to settle for this amazing one.

Trance lovers have a chance to blend these new sounds into their different kinds of trance genres coming up with high-end qualities that will blow your mind away. Hands up or Eurodance is another field where the Leads touch can flourish and do exactly what the name suggest; keep the 'hands up' to the amazing tunes. Leads 1 is a sample pack that has SF2 and SXT reason format files for a super quality in sounds. It has no limit on the number of options you can employ and is quite easy for anyone to use. It takes a collection of many blends of vocals selects the best to come up with a pack that is fit its price. A demo of this unique sound are available for download just in case you want to get yourself acquainted.

Trance, Dance, Hands Up Leads and Lead Synths Multisamples in Soundfont SF2 and Reason SXT format
25 fat Lead Synth Multisamples, perfect for use in genres like Trance, Hands Up, Dance