Advanced midi pack is ideal for a high level production of Trance, Dance or Club anthems. A producer of any of the mentioned genres is offered multi-possibilities of working with several instruments stored as midi files. For those who like an addition of wav loops on the menu, VIPZONE gives an addition of 100 wav loops that are all tried and certified as fit for musical production.
What’s in the content? Advanced Midi pack is a selection of over 131 multi-instrument midi files that work the magic on your tracks; transforming them from mere hobby work to commercial tracks that will have you smiling to the bank. Get yourself acquainted with the hooks and basses contained in this pack and have the craze of mixing the loops with ones from different genres. It’s about time you got creative with your Club tracks with the midi files and wav loops in the pack helping you all the way.
VIPZONE is truly stepping up to its name with this compilation; boasting a total of 4 tracks in each midi file saved in the pack. Each midi file gives you the option of working with a hook, a bass, a pad or if preferable a kick. The fun doesn’t end there; all tracks are professionally harmonized ensuring smoothness and lucidity in your music. Once again the production flexibilities are right in the hands of the producer. Advanced midi pack is one that allows you to modify the files to fit your needs and also analyzed all tracks to determine the kind of harmony you are going to produce. The issue of off-key sounds is thrown out the window. Expanding on the flexibility advantage, any producer with a musical heart now can synchronize his music instruments to play them with the multi-instrumental midi files whichever way they wish.
Get the first hand advantage of working with a bass, pad, hook or kick without any royalty charges levied on your music production. Appreciate how the midis and wav loops in this collection can work with hooks, pads and basses from other packs when composite sounds is in question. But before you pay the last dime, first sample what VIPZONE has to offer with this pack. The downloadable demo is right at the bottom right corner of the VIPZONE SAMPLES website!
50 Multi Instrument Midi Files (each in few variations, 131 Midis total) for Dance, Trance, Club and any Commercial Genre
100+ powerful Dance and Trance Hooks WAV Loops (produced with Top Sounds)
Royalty Free Midis, Hooks, Basses, Pads in WAV and MIDI Format