Monster pads are a collection of trance pads that fit a collection of music genres like Dance, Trance, Hardstyle or Hands up. The pack is a collection of 25 top rated multisamples each taking up a 15MB maximum space. All synths and leads are recorded using hi-tech 24 bit/192 kHz powerful converters and NL3 technology which is the most sort after synth-padware tools in the world. Backed by this unique technology, the multisamples in this collection are proficient to deliver the deepest and most powerful trance pads you can throw into your Dance, Trance, Hardstyle and eurodance genres. All sounds are stored in the SF2, SXT and reason refill format. Why not go a little crazy and do some mixing with other sound packs and see the overall out come.

Like all other multisamples produced by VIPZONE SAMPLES, monster pads can be blended in with other hook and leads from other packs. You can pick a few drum samples from VIPZONE`s Drum Electro give them a little pitched bass then bring in the sounds from this pack. You can try this on any music genre and watch the club reaction to that. Get a pack of this amazing SF2 format multisamples for the most amazing trance pads that add some flavor to your trance tracks, eurodance or rave. The sounds are built almost to suit all kinds of genres so don't be a one beat wonder.

Every producer of different music genres stands to benefit from this package. Monster pads are a collection of trance pads generated for trance music and other genres of music. The sounds are stored in SF2, SXT and Reason Refill format and total to 25 multisamples options for the producer to use.

Trance Pads Multisamples in SF2, SXT, Reason Refill format
25 top quality Trance Pads Multisamples