Pitched basses bring a series of 60 mind blowing multisamples to spice out the bass in your tracks. All the pitched basses have been developed from the best synthesizers around accompanied by top range tube exciters and compressors. VIPZONE SAMPLES only wants to give the best in light of multisamples and will go the extra mile to achieve that. The 60 pitched basses are grouped into four categories which are the distinctive contents of the whole pack. The four categories of astounding basses are defined as los, lomids, ups and FXs. The los are a collection of down pitched but yet powerful basses. They are perfect when you want your tracks to done a soft bass background without the throbbing tempos. Lomids similarly play down-pitched basses. The only difference is that they can hit higher pitches and are best when playing astronomical octaves.

This leaves us with two other categories of basses, the up and FX. If you want to play it louder these are the pitched basses you are looking for. The pitched basses are characterized with high tones that deliver powerful sounds with no hiccups on the clarity. The up basses are up-pitched while the fx have an fx-ed pitch to them, all carefully designed to rave up the bass in your sound systems. All the 60 pitched basses folders are organized in SF2 format with an approximate of 25 wav files in each folder. 25 great ways of shaking the club with energized basses attached to the backdrop of sound genres like techno, electro, eurodance or rave.

The 60 sound folders are not all we have in this amazing compilation; VIPZONE SAMPLES has maximized on bonus tracks for added variety and avoided monotony. To put a smile on the bass sound lovers, this package has an addition of 600 drum sounds all never heard of! How cool is that. Club lovers are also treated to an assorted collection of 300 multisamples which include 300 clubby hihats and claps! For the music producer, the Dj or the bass lover who wants power in their bass sounds, you should put VIPZONE on your speed dial. The Pitched basses pack will deliver that bass sound you crave for.

Basses, Pitched Basses, Multisamples, SF2
60 outstanding quality, modern, pitched and powerful basses.
Pack Content:
60 Multisamples in SF2 Format
60 folders with 25 WAV files for each Multisample
over 600 new Drumsounds for your collection including 300 clubby hihats and 300 clubby claps!