Roxx the club can be redefined as rock the club for its unbeatable oomph to set the club on fire with catchy melodies. Here is your chance to get up close and personal with an array of midi and mp3 files designed to heat things up on the dance floor. For the quick and witty producer who has had a chance with midi files, you ought to appreciate this sharp production from VIPZONE's finest sounds. The files are stored in both the MP3 and midi file format; Roxx the club is the antidote that takes the edge of Hands up and Dance music genres simultaneously transforming them into dancefloor melodies that will get the party rocking all night long.

VIPZONE came up with this collection to emphasize on quality and the numerous ways in which you can use the midis in your tracks. The package content is a blend between MP3's and midis. It contains 50 midi files to bring some zing and fun in Dance and Hands up and also 500 new releases of MP3 files to add a little something to your riffs and tunes. Speaking of riffs, the pack has all its melodies riffs arpeggiated with some sprinkling of basslines for smooth and harmonious midi melodies no matter how many times the riffs get repeated on the background. Each midi file has two tracks in it to double the fun.

VIPZONE had the honor of inviting a highly talented DJ Roxx to put together this collection of professionally mixed midis to suit the club theme. Dj Roxx showcases his skill with a stream of 50 Club melodies you can't get enough of. IF we add up all the midis in this collection, we get 50 thrilling club melodies, 50 midi files fit for the Dance and hands up genres and 500 mp3 files just so you can't run out of sounds to work with. Roxx the club puts together the skill of a prolific Dj with the efficiency of top hardware synths to bring this collection of pro status midis with no VST plugins. How cool is that!

Hands Up, Dance, Dancefloor, Melodies, Hooks, Hooklines, Basslines, Midi, Midis
50 HANDS UP / DANCEFLOOR midfiles + 500 high quality 320 kb/s mp3
Pack Content:
50 Club Melodies (DJ Roxx)
50 midifiles
500 mp3 files