You can never have enough fun with kick drums especially if you are in the music business, Club basses gives you 100 more ways to spread the fun. This plush looking pack houses all the 100 multisamples in three formats; SF2, SXT and Reason refills. Club basses want you to have an astronomical prowess in producing club kicks that will give your sounds speakers the booming they deserve. Get this wonder pack and see how it produces a series of electrifying basses in Club, Trance or hardstyle sounds. Spread the bass magic and incorporate sounds like techno, Electro and Deep-tech; never forget to watch the club reaction.
VIPZONE SAMPLES never wants you to run out of options in your sound production; within this silky pack are a 300 number of kicks as bonus that come with the pack. What does this mean? 300 more cool ways of pumping up the bass in your sound systems! And we can’t argue about the quality of the sounds; its wav technology speaking here so quality and clarity cannot be compromised on.
So VIPZONE SAMPLES promises quality and quantity, how can you know the sound is worth the bargain? Listen to the demo of the multisamples. Get in touch with pomp melodies dipped in electric basses from the best sound developers.
VIPZONE SAMPLES prides itself with picking the best club basses and exhilarated kicks from a huge collection of high quality multisamples. When it comes to customer satisfaction, VIPZONE picks the best of the best. The multisamples are even saved in the most downloadable formats (SF2/SXT/REFILLs) you can think of. WAV technology also ensures better sounds in your tracks.
Buy this eminent pack from VIPZONE SAMPLES and get to change the world of Club, Trance or hardcore music for good. Get the first thrill of falling in love with the numerous kicks and basses as they blend in smoothly into your enjoyable tracks. Club bass multisamples offer you 100 basses and 300 kicks to create music you can nod your head to.
Any kick and bass you get in the pack is authentic, top-notch in quality and will fully belong to you once you settle the pay; a royalty free agreement is guaranteed.
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Pack Content: 100 Basses (SF2/SXT/REFILLS) + 300 Kicks (WAV)