The melodious sounds of synths have been brought out the open in this exclusive pack. Housing a collection of 34 synths multisamples, some newly while others are renditions of longtime budding composers like Safari Duo, Barthezz, Erik Prydz, ATC and many other music icons. The fat leads in this collection are found in two formats; SF2 and Reason Refill. Soothing club bells and quality techno beeps grace the whole package not forgetting the clarity of the fat leads found with the typical NL3 character. Moreover, House, Trance and Dance producers get to enjoy the broader benefits of the other 30 synth multisamples together with bonus synths to complete the package with style. All together, the synthmania XXL pack is a 34 collection of pure fun sounds.

This collection gives you the best in terms of better sounding synths. Many soft synths are produced all over but none can match the luster of the Nord Lead 3 multisamples. Nothing can beat the better sounding acoustic instruments in the collection stored high value SF2 and reason refill formats. Synthamnia is a perfect opportunity to go crazy with your synths and leads. You don't need to be a pro to work out good sounds that give eminence to your Trance or Dance music. VIPZONE SAMPLES are sure to create and organized their multisamples in easy to use packs.

High quality is what VIPZONE SAMPLES promises in this top class pack. No counterfeit synths or leads can beat the careful selection of this first class compilation which has been drawn from a wider album of authentic and better sounding multisamples. Synthmanina XXL gives you a chance to go pro with Trance, Dance, House and any other genre you can think of. The sounds in the collection meet the most professional demands. If you like famous composers like ATC or Eric Prydz, synthmania XXL has a series of tunes done by these talented minds. Feel free to mix your new age tunes with the sound of these longtime composers; get to see if you can turn your tracks into the greatest club hits never heard before!

Synths and Leads Multisamples for Dance, Trance, House and other genres
30 outstanding quality synth-multisamples from Nord Lead 3 and some bonus multisamples from other instruments
Total 34 Multisamples in SF2 and Reason Refill format