The loops in this collection give a special touch to techno music and can also be used on other sister versions of the genre like Deep-techno. Technolooper is a loop package that VIPZONE SAMPLES designed to assist in producing quality techno sounds without much sophistication. Simplicity is what best counts here, a total of 100 techno synths are offered to any Techno producer interested. The loop synths are offered in both the dry and wet versions and are all stored in the wav format. To sum this unique package, it just a collection of wholesome techno vibes you can use in sound genres sparing the technicality aspects.

Technolooper VOL 1 is designed for everyone, as long as you have techno blood in you! The pack treats you to a number of samples from where you get the techno loops. The groups comprise of Basses, Hardstyle, Beeps, Acid, Techno-club, Voices, Techno-club special, Piano and beeps. The groups are all clearly defined so you won't get mixed up in the choosing. The work has been done for you; all you need is a few loops from here and there to come up with a full version club track. Things may only get complex once you get acquainted with how the pack works and you have your techno skills all horned up. Loops may be stored in fewer variations but you have no idea how prolific you can be in creating a number of tracks with only techno loops as your tools. This adventure can only be experienced with the Technolooper VOL 1 loop collection.

For more simplicity, the loops are once again stored with and without FXs. Again the aspect of amateur vs. Pro comes in; the FX lacking loops suits the beginner trying the techno sound for the first time. The FX-inclusive loops are for those who know their way around the complexities of techno construction and can come up with different mixing methods for the loops and still sound ridiculously amazing! Whether you are a club, Techno or Hardstyle fan and producer, don't let the magic of this pack pass you buy.

Over 1000 Techno synth wav loops in dry and wet version
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