This is the pack any producer should strike a bargain on if they want to walk down the trance music lane from good music to extraordinaire sounds. For the hobbyist or commercial music producer who loves the sound of trance, VIPZONE SAMPLES offers this one-in-a-million collection of 30 new trance multisamples to try out. These are not just a collection of trance multisamples but one with a dream-sound quality that will set your production on a platform different from what you have been giving your fans. VIPZONE SAMPLES doesn't have any complications on this new set; just trance sounds saved in the SF2 and Reason Refill format carefully designed to bring some pizzazz to your music.

All the pads in this compilation have a weight of 10mb to 30mb and with the best sound quality you have ever imagined. VIPZONE even has some demos which you listen and get a feel of what excellence is all about. Trance pads collection brings the best of all the trance sounds that can be formulated in the music studio. And any producer doesn't have to limit themselves with the trance genre only; VIPZONE have this quality of producing multisamples that can fit themselves with any other genre. So for the trance producer out there you have a chance to spread your wings and include other genres like hardstyle, eurodance or rave. It's all about having fun with your productions, trance pads are here to help you with that.

One think you will surely benefit from this collection; it is totally royalty free! So this means you have a chance of using all the pads in the collection for commercial purposes. Not only is this economical, but a great financial lifter when everyone buys your great records of lush and smooth melodies generated from the silky multisamples; and you don't have to pay the producer another dime after purchase! Trance pads deliver to you a 30 folder collection of great riffs and pads that auger well with your beloved trance music. And where authenticity is compromised, the trance pads multisamples are the real McCoy. A further benefit is how flexible you can be with the multisamples with every great hit you come up with.

30 powerful Trance Pads Multisamples in SF2 and Reason Refill format