For any loop lover out there, here is your chance of going native with your loops. Just from the word 'Tribal' you can get a feeling of what to expect of this new collection from VIPZONE SAMPLES; you can now add some African Loops to a variety of sound genres. The Tribal Loops (WAV files) ensure you get the feel of Africa tunes in your techno sound, Electro, house or Eurodance. These unique African loops are prompt in delivering a pure native touch in your music that will rock with your club tracks in a way never imagined.

The tempos in this one of a kind loop collection all bear the authenticity mark and can run several loops within the shortest beat per minute. In clarity, the WAV file collection houses a capacity of 2500 loops all at once. For instance it has two distinguished original tempos; one filtered compared to the other. The original unfiltered tempo runs a total of 400 tribal loops with a speed of 50 to 130 BPM. The filtered version also gives you the same quantity of loop pleasure within the same 50 to 130 BPM bracket. Moving on with the variety of African loops, in the pack we are also treated to other loops like the 140 BPM type that similarly runs a total of 400 Tribal loops within the given speed. The 140 BPM loops fall in two categories as well; the filter types 1 and 2 which all run filtered loops.

The Tribal loops collection truly unites Techno, Electro and all other genre lovers who are handy with music production. Besides the named loop types, loop lovers are treated to special mixed loop to electrify your beats. The WAV files contain within them special mixed loops that are defined in 3 groups; the pure special mix that can mix 100 loop within 140 BPM. Secondly we have the special mix filter types that are defined in two categories 1 and 2. Similarly they provide special mixes of 100 filtered loops with a beat rate of 140 BPM. Once you are acquainted to this level of special mixes, you can never turn back. African loops have one more trick to keep you, the special mix FX; 50 clean loop mixes with am misc FX addition.

over 2500 royalty-free WAV Loops with real african feeling