Virus Leads is a definitive collection that has 30 top class fat lead synth multisamples for music genres like Trance, Dance and Hardstyle. And that is true, with the 30 multisamples collection in SF2 format and an addition of Reason refill, you stand to produce unstoppable tracks be it in Dance, Trance or Hardstyle. Virus leads will make things happen for you. VIPZONE SAMPLES has the perfect demo to bring out the soothing sounds of the lead synths in this collection. The Virus lead multisamples can be played together with other midis drawn from VIPZONE's most trusted collection of MIDI packs. And we all know VIPZONE leads are quality selected and produced, thus putting some of these sounds together calculates to one word; magnificence!

So what's in the pack? 30 brand new ways of making you hardstyle, trance or dance music even better. All multisamples are drawn from the best of virus sounds and are delivered to the users in SF2 format. But VIPZONE SAMPLES have other download options like reason refill SXT format for those who love their synth leads. Any music producer out there has ready accessibility to these mind blowing lead options. VIPZONE SAMPLES has shown true production skill on creating each and every lead sound you get in the pack. State of the art equipment is used to sequence all the leads sold to their consumers. With this technology be assured all virus leads will play with clarity and quality.

Any trance, dance or hardstyle sound that goes through this pack comes out as a masterpiece capable of putting the roof on fire for party lovers. VIPZONE SAMPLES promises quality and even beneficial services like not charging you a royalty fee when you use the leads for commercial production. All you have to do is buy the pack and at a very good bargain.

30 Lead Synths Multisamples in SF2, Reason Refill (with SXT files) format
Perfect for genres like Trance, Hardstyle, Dance