The word virus on the melodies may scare you about your music being harmed. But layman does not apply here! No such thing will happen. But virus melodies invade your club tracks and make them more danceable. This is the latest collection of Virus series having a cool 80 midi files and 160 wav files all recorded using virus.


The first tracks in the collection gives you a warm up with your musical thoughts and ones the pace sets in the rest of the hooks and hooklines blow up your production ceiling. Virus melodies is not just about wav and midi files; but minty new synth loops that the club is yet to hear of. It sets the arena where Trance and Dance producers can put together old and new school much to the adoration of club lovers.

All loops you can get in this collection are royalty free and are recorded using the finest virus technology with a tempo of 140 BPM. You don’t have to stretch the songs now, do you? If you have never had this opportunity before, here is a chance to spread the virus in your trance and dance production and enjoy the infectious tracks.


Every midi hook and hookline concealed inside the plush looking package has been developed by the best sound producers you can imagine. VIPZONE SAMPLES goes out on its way to use the latest technology just so they can meet the eminent mark.

Virus melodies will take your Dance, Trance and even Club sound to another planet of fun with no haste of coming back. Let the club feel your vibe with catchy melodies from the finest Dj with the Virus touch. The record labels won’t have a signing limit on your tracks once the virus melody touch fills your sound systems.


Virus melodies is what you need when your trance and dance mood is way low. Let the midi hooks and hooklines lift up your producer spirit and make you the pro your have always envisioned. A sample of these amazing tracks is just a click away while the product is just a few bucks away.

Dance, Trance and Club Melodies
Hooks and Hooklines in Midi format and WAV Loops
New exciting synth loops from the latest VIRUS just for using in your tracks!
80 midi files
160 wav files (recorded using virus)